Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2nd is Old Stuff Day

I was really excited to see this come out a few weeks ago and decided right away that I'd get in on it. It's definitely cool to look back at what you've done and reminisce about old times.

The idea comes from Rob over at Warhammer 39,999 and the basic concept is to go back for a second look at those posts of yours that have faded into the background. Those couple of posts you were really proud of that have passed in time and are all but forgotten to your new readers.

I'd like to take the chance to highlight a few posts that have stood out to me over time and have always held a special place in my heart (posts that don't actually belong to me).
Then I'll finish it off with my own favorite "old" post.

Figuring I'd need to draw the line somewhere, I broke it down into three categories and decided to pick one for each. Modeling, Painting and Gaming. The pictures in each category belong to their respective Authors. I highly recommend you check them out, they are certainly worth the stroll down memory lane.

Favorite "old" modeling post
This one comes from Santa Cruz Warhammer and they share how they make dual purpose bases for a Daemon army. This post stuck with me because it's got to be one of the best solutions for this kind of thing.

Not only does it allow you to play your Deamons in 40k, you can play them in Fantasy with the mere switch of the bevelled base underneath. Keeping it simple makes it all the better too. You don't need tons of supplies or anything fancy (other than a handful of magnets) to pull this one off.

If I ever had a Daemon army, I'd do this in a heartbeat and then go out and buy myself the Fantasy rulebook and sit down for a nice read.

Favorite "old" painting post
When Sand Wyrm from The Back 40k posted his Tallarn 13th Company army pics,
I remember scrolling through the post and thinking how nice the army looked.

The post didn't have a ton of information about how it was done as it was more of a collection of shots showcasing the army. I later on did a spotlight piece on him and his army. In that article, he mentioned using light grey primer for his models. Little did I know that would be the start of some real changes to how I primed my models.

Favorite "old" gaming post
I was dumbfounded when The Black Parade posted their trick for maximizing vehicle deployment. What a simple and outstanding idea.

I saw this and made my own version the same night. Who wouldn't? And the biggest thing I learned by copying this little project was just how much I was shortchanging myself when it came to deployment. A two inch deployment zone from the sides and front of a Land Raider is huge. You can fit tons of stuff in there.

And one that couldn't be forgotten
I couldn't squeeze this one into a category, but it's one of my all time favorites.
Admiral Drax's Regimental Mascot.

While this little guy may not have any actual gaming stats or stand in for a real model, I'd let him on the field any day. Even if all he does is stand next to the Commander for six turns.

It's the little things like this that put the game in perspective for me. Could you imagine taking the mascot to a tournament and setting him down on the table? I can only imagine the looks you'd get. I've always told the Admiral this little guy needs to be based and included in the force.

And last but not least, my old post
I don't really have a post as much as I have a couple of pictures I'd like to share. They are of my previous Lustwing army I've since sold off to a good home.

These guys were a huge stepping point for me in my hobby life. Not only in terms of modeling, but more importantly in painting.

It might not seem it at first, but these guys were a huge leap for me in a number of aspects from priming through selective detailing to overall color palette choices. These guys were influential in starting to define my style of painting and not just perfecting another technique.


  1. I had to laugh at the name "Lustwing"

  2. ALex: What? That's the term for a Slaanesh "counts as" Deathwing army. It fits perfectly with the idea of those guys. It could be worse though. I could have to use something like "Wolfwing" or "Loganwing."

    That would be bad.

  3. To me it sounds like a polite jab at "those" Slaanesh players, if you catch my drift.

  4. Alex: Mmmmmm, nope.
    I've always known it to be called that, I never thought of it as having any other meanings or connotations. It's probably right in front of me and I just don't see it.

    I played that army for quite a while. Had some great games with that list. Did fairly well if I remember correctly despite it being an all footslogging force too.

  5. This is a brilliant idea and well worth a read!

  6. Rasmus: Glad you enjoyed it, I'm certain there are other bloggers out there who have done the same thing on their sites today as well.

  7. I remember the tallarn posts really well. That army was the first tallarn army I had ever seen painted. It is so cohesive it still blows me away. I think models come into their own when they tell a story as a group, and are part of their environment.

  8. Drathmere: I agree 100 percent.
    It's the environment part that I'm trying to convey with my own models these days.

  9. I know that I am really late to the party, life and all that, but I want to jump in and defend the Lust-wing as well. It is an amazing army that is still doing well on the table. In fact in phased out a destroyer heavy list yesterday.

  10. Chambers: Glad to hear it's doing well.
    Played correctly, it can be a formidable force on the table.