Sunday, April 10, 2011

FTW reborn

I'm sure that most of you have already seen that I've put FTW back into motion.
That being said, I am planning on continuing my updates over there.

I appreciate everyone who has followed me over to my new home here and welcome you back to FTW as it will be where I post my material.

This site, for as short lived as it was... allowed me the opportunity to figure out a number of things as it relates to blogging. I hope to carry those lessons back top FTW with me.

- Ron


  1. I see you made your FNP roll after all :)

  2. Was good while this lil blog lasted.
    Just dont go deleting it, i keep comin back for reference :P

  3. Back home again in the warp :)

  4. Thanks guys.
    I won't be deleting this site.

    I've been trying a bunch of things with this little site partly to help solve the FTW problems over the past month. I'll most likely take what is here and move it over to FTW as well. There isn't too much here honestly.

    And most of it is a continuation of what was already on FTW in the first place.

  5. How do we find FTW? I'm recently only found your blog and am interested in your works. I'd like to continue gandering your products and your techniques as you continue your work. Please and thank you.

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