Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Legion of the Damned tactical troop

I asked a friend of mine a few weeks ago if I could have one of his models to paint.

I didn't want to go out and buy a whole box just to paint one guy for fun.

I've always though these guys were cool looking and I might add some of them to my army if I ever get it built.

I really wanted to see if I could paint him up and keep him muted. You usually see the flames really bright and high contrast on the model. I wanted to keep this guy really subdued overall.

I started by priming him black and working through the flames first. I started with a dark red and worked my way up to a orangish brown color. I gave the whole thing a wash of Baal Red and then added the final light brown color again along the edge.

With the flames finished, I moved onto the black. I've always loved the P3 color Coal Black. It just looks so cool to me. I wanted to try it out on this model to see how the blues would look in relation to the flames. I wet blended it into the black as the highlight.

I picked out his helmet and all the "bone" stuff with some muted tans. I did push the front portion of his helmet a bit lighter than everything else to draw attention to it.

I kept the metals on the model really dark. I gave them a slight highlight, but wanted to show them as being aged and not really clean.

With so many dark colors on the model, it was a little tough trying to find subtle variations in hue that I could use to help differentiate between things.

Like his gun, it's a dark grey highlight as opposed to the Coal Black color of the armour.

All in all, I think he came out pretty good. I like the fact that he is very dark overall as I think it fits with the feel of the Chapter. His base was the one last place I tried to give him that dark, destroyed feeling. It's a resin base, but I don't know who from since it came on the model when I got it.

It's a nice mix of rubble and metal. There's a lot going on here though. I tried to pick out some colors I though would help pull the model and the base together instead of setting them apart like I normally do.

The metal areas were given a number of washes to make them look old and dirty along with some selective weathering with powders to pull the model and base together. In the end, he was a fun model to paint and a nice change of pace for the day.


  1. The muted effect works really well and I think will translate nicely onto the LoD miniaturess with more bone on them. I like the background for the LoD, but the colour scheme on the GW website is a little bit too cheerful, whereas you've achieved a suitably sombre look. The only downside is that I now feel compelled to buy a few LoD and this myself!

  2. sendraks: Thanks. I too think the "sombre" look is perfect for these guys. The super clean paint scheme (like GW's) just doesn't match the background for me.

    It looks great, but it just doesn't fit as well as it could for me.

  3. Im gonna have to get some for my Night Lords and sort out the Imp stuff.

  4. This is by far the best version of the LoD I've seen. I'm thinking that P3 Black Coal would look nice as a base color on Red Scorpions.

  5. Derina: The models are gorgeous, I love all the little details on them. Truth be told though, you could do most of it with regular plastic marines and a bit of greenstuff work.

    BeatleBum: Now there's an idea... it might be a bit dark, but it would certainly give them an interesting look.

  6. http://brigannion4.blogspot.com/ here are my boys Ron, Fill the flames in tho im not having the chaos arrows on the units.

  7. I've got to say, I never really followed FTW, but I'm damn regretting it now. Some absolutely beautiful models you're pumping out. Another beautiful example.

    Not a big fan of the black outline of the flames though. Awesome basing though.

  8. Very awesome. I love the skull hanging from the bolter.

  9. Derina: Nice looking guys there. Your's look a little "muted" as well.

    Brother Loring: I know what you mean, the black outline comes from the indentation on the model itself to mark the outline of the flames.

    Chaosheade: Thanks.

  10. Love it.
    Ive got a squad im doing myself, all cleaned up ready to go but not assembled fully yet.
    Did you assemble it completely before painting? If so, how did you find painting behind the bolter?

  11. Mephistopheles: He was completely assembled when I got him. With the dark color scheme, I simply left that area unpainted (just black). I tried to get as far down in there as possible, but didn't really worry about it in the end.

    You can't see it anyway, it's behind the bolter.