I've decided to include advertising here on Black Dot Barrel Studios as a way to help generate revenue to cover the cost of the site and promote those businesses and products I believe in.

At this point, I have space for two Advertisers on the site.

The spots are seen on all pages in order to get the maximum exposure for my Advertisers. I am interested in promoting businesses with good customer service and high quality products that I use and can talk about on my site. I don't want to throw just any Advertiser up there for my readers. I want them to know that by visiting these particular businesses, they will be getting a great product and great customer service and that it will help them in the hobbying.

As I use the products or services of my Advertisers, I will add links to my posts letting my readers know what I'm doing. I think it's important to share this information with my readers so they know where they can go to get the things they need. They know that I'm using the very same things too.

As a reader using the Advertising here
If you've used any of the Advertisers here on Black Dot Barrel Studios and want to let me know about it, please do! I'd love to hear the good and the bad (if there is any). I'll certainly pass that along to my Advertiser to let them know how they're doing and if it's bad, to help make sure it doesn't happen again.

Rates and plans for Advertisers
Spots are 125 x125 pixels and are static images.
Spots can be purchased for one month at a time or for up to a year with two months discount. Pay for ten months and get the last two free.
Spots can be purchased for particular events, contests and such for less than a month at a prorated price.
As an Advertiser, you can rotate your image out periodically if you choose.

You can cancel at any time you need to as an Advertiser and your balance will be refunded. I also reserve the right to remove Advertisers at any point if I deem it appropriate.

If you're interested in advertising here, email me for pricing and we can talk about getting you added to the site. I can be reached at: ronsaikowski_illus(at)