For a complete look at what I've done to date, you'll have to check out my old Gallery still hosted on From The Warp.

I'm in the process of moving some of those images over to here in order to give folks an idea of the work I do. Bear with me as I get things loaded up here, it doesn't happen overnight anymore.

As I finish new projects, I'll be putting them in here as well.

- Ron

2011 Race for the Cure silent auction miniature (FLGS tournament)

The 2010 Collaborative Blogger Storm Wardens project

Sarpedon Soul Drinkers Chapter Master

Marneus Calgar with Command Squad (My tabletop quality)

Blood Angel Apothecary trio

Space Hulk board game figures

Space Marine Librarian conversions

Dark Angels Character model work

Skulltaker mounted on chariot with removable magnetised base

Raven Guard Space Marine models